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Dr.Raphael Lopez Dr. Raphael Lopez believes that it is through the physician patient partnership that excellent healthcare is achieved. He brings to this partnership the skills of an experienced physician in both an outpatient and hospital setting. Experience to manage the broad spectrum of medical problems defines Dr. Lopez's abilities and reputation. The cornerstone of Dr. Raphael Lopez's patient care philosophy is listening to the patient and ensuring that the medical care chosen is a joint partnership.
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ABIM Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Raphael Lopez has been a practicing Internist in the central Florida area for the past 9 years. He completed his undergraduate work at The University of Florida, and graduated from The College of Medicine at The University of South Florida completing his residency training at Orlando Regional Medical Center. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Lopez volunteered as physician in Gulfport, Mississippi, Katrina bringing relief to hundreds of stricken and needy victims of that terrible devastation. Are you confused about your medications or do you want an explanation concerning their effectiveness? If so... come in for a consultation and we will discuss the value of each medication you are taking.
Body What is a doctor of Internal Medicine?
Internal medicine concerns the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases in adults, especially diseases of the internal organs. Doctors of Internal medicine are required to have included in their medical schooling and postgraduate training at least three years dedicated to learning how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults. They often act as consultants to other physicians to help solve mystifying diagnostic problems. Doctors of internal medicine are primary care physicians and treat the whole person, not just internal organs and are usually the most skillful at treating a broad range of diseases and are trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and handle severe chronic illnesses in situations where several different illnesses may strike all at the same time. They also bring to patients an understanding of preventive medicine, substance abuse, and mental health, as well as effective treatment of common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs. Most elderly adults in the United States see an internal medicine doctor as their primary physician.
Dr. Raphael Lopez is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is a member of the ABIM.
The ABIM is the American Board of Internal Medicine that sets the standards and certifies the knowledge and skills of physicians who practice internal medicine.
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